Cheers to healthier lemonade!


Who am I?


Sicily is my mother. My guns shoot nutrients and health supporting ingrediencies.  I am coming out of ripe yellow superfood clan and I am contributing to your health more that others. I am a Lemon. You do not find me in stores. There are my brothers – travelers who were harvested unripe then polished by wax and radiated by artificial light to become yellow. They wish to look like me. However, I am the only one who experienced the strength of real Sicilian sunshine. I have enjoyed it enough long to become ripe.

Then I sacrificed the best out of me when squeezed, one day. I was always wishing to deliver the best cordial (someone quotes concentrate) and therefore I attempted hard to get into Kerska limonadovna manufacturing site. For there they know the old Anglo-Saxon lemonade recipes for real and simple lemonades. I am first of my clan who had risen to product better then syrup or better than bottle full of Aspartams and bubbles. I strictly refuse to be boiled in pot. In Kerska limonadovna, they mix me with little bit of real sugar and Kamfete fruit extract that I brought with me from central Africa. We match each other so great!  When someone is so dry as me no synthetics and preservatives are needed. They are the bad guys.  I am always on my own, still healthy and nutritionally rich to be good enough to star on your table as a real hero of your wholesome super drink.  Today, everyone knows me as Capo di tutti  Capi of all citrus clans. I have impelled other fruits and spices as they fear to tell me “No”. Together we rule with force of thirteen flavors and we can stand for and mix each other. We are a fear of all corporate blackguards in glass and plastic bottles. You must taste us because you have a right to sip heath! Cheers to healthier lemonade!


In LemonApe you can use me to make your drinks:

·         cold and hot,

·         non-alcoholic

·         cocktails with spirits

·         still or carbonated


·         and natural crushed ice

Who am I

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