Cheers to healthier lemonade!

BAG-IN-BOX 3L - raspberry

3.0 l of LemonApe  for 30 liters of lemonade


Lemon juice from concentrate, beet sugar, water, natural aromas, natural sweetener Thaumatine. Do not contain preservatives.

Nutritional values for 100 ml of ready to drink:

Beet sugar max. 5.25g, according to dilution, lemon juice from concentrate 10g, fats <0.1g out of which unsaturated fats are 0g, vitamic C, P (flavonids) and further nutritionally benefitial ingrediences out of lemon juice. Energy value for dilution 1:7 max 88kJ or 21kCal. Keep cool when open.

Volume 3.0 l
Dilution 1:7 to 1:14 according to taste

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